Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Labour slides to 20-year poll low

The latest Guardian-ICM poll shows Labour at 32% - five points behind the Tories.

This is the third one showing Labour at this level, which is bound to make the party uneasy.

However, although the polls also show Cameron's lead solidifying, at 37% it isn't enough to win an election, as Mike Smithson points out.

I don't understand why Blair and his like-minded colleagues think 'public sector reform' is going to resolve Labour's problems. Even if you assume they need marketization, which I don't, any changes to the delivery of service wouldn't be felt in time for the General Election. But the disorientation and confusion that always follows the government's 'reforms' surely will be? As will the political fallout that accompanies Blair's confrontations with his own party.

Anyone got a wager on a hung Parliament?

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