Friday, June 23, 2006

Workplace annoyances

This place is crap. It's boooooooooooring! I certainly don't come here for the banter - because there isn't any. And it's full of orange teenagers with braces (there's a strong correlation between the two, I've found) asking you for fags. Plus it's miles away from anything resembling civilisation.

But top of the annoyance list today is the toilets in this stupid place. There's a solitary male staff 'convenience' that you have to climb about a million stairs to get to and everytime I make the journey, it's either occupied with someone taking a dump, or they have very obviously just left. Every goddam day. This is decidedly inconvenient.

What's wrong with these people - haven't they got toilets at home or something? The only time I ever take a workplace No. 2 is if there's something wrong with me. If I ever stank up the joint in this abominable way, I think I'd have the grace to resign. Or consult my doctor at the very least. They should be ashamed of themselves. How they've got the cheek to emerge from the bog and say hello as if they've done nothing wrong is beyond me.

Roll on unemployment - roll on Thursday. Suggestions of alternative careers would be welcome, although at the moment I'd settle for a job where there's more than one goddam toilet on the premises.

Update: Plus I've got a whole load of 2nd year projects to mark, which I just can't face doing because 95% of them look completely shit. And that's just the front-covers.

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