Thursday, June 15, 2006

Heart of Midlothian

From the beeb:
"A football fan based in Iraq has delighted fellow Hearts supporters by convincing dozens of locals to back the Edinburgh team.

Neil Young, 26, a shipping contractor who was born in Edinburgh, said he had converted Iraqi workers into loyal Hearts fans who now never miss a game."
I was born very near the heart of Midlothian. But I supported Hibs. For no particularly good reason.

Then I came to Glasgow and when people asked me what team I supported and I told them Hibernian, they called me a Fenian bastard. I had no idea what it meant but got the impression they didn't think it was a good thing.

I gave up following football after that.

Kids always ask you what team you support. Best line was from a Catholic Celtic supporter in Lanarkshire who said, "Hibs? That's for Tims who can't afford the bus fare".

And if I'd known that, I probably would never have been a Hibs supporter. But Edinburgh isn't like that, for the most part. Thank goodness.

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