Saturday, June 17, 2006

Probation plan for poor teachers

From the beeb:
"Incompetent teachers could be given a year to improve or face being sacked, it has emerged.

Poor or struggling teachers face being placed on probation for a year, although support would be provided to help bring them up to standard.

Failure to do so could see them being dismissed under a scheme which has been approved by Education Minister Peter Peacock."
And if Peter Peacock is in charge, teachers up and down the country will be trembling in anticipation because everyone knows he is himself the very acme of competence.

I better speed up my career change plans and move into something where my incompetence will go unnoticed.

Better start applying for jobs working for the Executive.

Or perhaps headteachers posts.

Or I could always become an MSP.

Vote Labour, by the way.

Peter Peacock MSP: the incarnation of ruthless professional efficiency

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