Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Schools too damn girly

That's what Dr Tony Sewell reckons:
"Boys are being failed by schools because lessons have become too "feminised" in recent years, an academic is warning.
Dr Tony Sewell is calling for more nurturing of traditional "male" traits."
A traditional "male trait" adolescent boys show is attempting to light their farts - should this be on the curriculum? Well, almost:
"Dr Sewell is calling for science lessons to include more practical experiments to interest male pupils.

He said:" The girls seem more able to adapt to more theory-only learning, while boys want more action. They want to blow things up and see science in action."
They do indeed want to blow things up. This should be accommodated? Verging on a damn mind losing incident this one although I think it can be redeemed with the Mill 'harm principle'. I'm a liberal guy so I have no objection if boys want to blow themselves and perhaps their consenting friends up. But schools are not the places to do this. Compromise: give this task to them as homework.

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