Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cameron's star stops rising

From the Guardian:
"The success of David Cameron's first 100 days takes a jolt today with a Guardian ICM poll showing voters switching back to Labour.

Despite falling to a nine-month low in February, Labour has overtaken the Conservatives, who have lost the bounce enjoyed since Mr Cameron took charge in December. Not only have the Tories dropped three points, to 34%, but Labour has gained three, taking it to 37%."
However, it seems the Tories would gain a little if and when Brown takes over. In one of these frightening focus group thingies, Brown was perceived thus:
"Mr Brown was a "tank" who would force people to do what he wanted instead of manipulating them like Mr Blair. He would drink scotch at a party - but only if someone else bought it for him."
Honestly! Meanwhile, Cameron has denied he's "playing politics" with the forthcoming education vote:
"Tory leader David Cameron denied playing politics and attempting to embarrass the prime minister over plans to join Labour rebels in a vote to drag out the passage of the education and inspection bill over the course of the next few months."
Yeah, I'm sure the thought never entered his mind. Young Mr Cameron has got a long way to go to convince people he represents a 'new kind of politics' if he expects people to believe that crap.

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