Friday, March 10, 2006

Holyrood homeless (again)

The saga of the falling beam continues with the news that our illustrious legislators have to move out of the Hub, the Festival venue on the Royal Mile, because it has bookings from private and corporate clients.

I trust they will prove to be less of an embarrassment than the present incumbents.

Their week stay at the Hub cost the Scottish tax-payer twenty-thousand pounds. If you think this is an outrage, you really shouldn't; I'm sure the smoking shelter they're having build to accommodate their own smoking ban cost about the same. You know, the smoking shelters that they are going to phase out in 2007. And it's a small price to pay to avoid any risk of the roof falling in on our elected representatives - because that would be terrible, wouldn't it?

If it was a school, they wouldn't give a shit. When we turned up to our gloriously-shiny PFI, or PPP, whatever, new school building a few years back, it wasn't even finished. There were these guys all over the place with hard-hats on.

Now, I'm no expert in construction but isn't the idea behind the of wearing of the groovy yellow hats to protect the head from stuff falling on your noggin from a great height? And if so, why haven't I been issued with one? No doubt I would have been told there was no risk of this happening. If so, why are they wearing them? Seems an odd fashion statement to make on a hot August day, I thought at the time.

I have to say as someone who voted for devolution and actually defended the building, I'm increasingly getting the feeling that the political class in Scotland are making me look like a berk for doing so - on purpose.

Nice building, not stuck together properly, full of idiots.

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