Monday, March 06, 2006

'Toons and terrorism news

The Australian carries a study that shows to date that 56 countries have published the cartoons of Mohammed:
"CARTOONS of Prophet Mohammed, that were first published in a Danish newspaper last year and sparked an outcry in the Muslim world, have been reprinted in 143 newspapers in 56 countries, a study shows.

One or several of the 12 controversial cartoons have appeared either in print editions or online, according to the study done by eJour, the online magazine of the Danish School of Journalism.

Most of the reproductions have appeared in Western countries, including 70 newspapers in Europe, 14 in the United States, three in Canada and New Zealand, two in Australia and one in Japan.

But the drawings have also been printed in eight Muslim countries: Algeria, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

In the United States, no national newspaper has published the cartoons, but 14 regional and local publications have, according to the study conducted in February."
Britain is not mentioned in the study for obvious reasons.

Via Freedom for Egyptians.

The 'Arab Street' was up in arms again - in Bahrain there was a massive demonstration against terrorism.

The story and more pictures are here.

Via Sandmonkey.

Against homogenization.

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