Friday, March 03, 2006

Soviets 'ordered Pope shooting'

From the beeb:
"An Italian parliamentary commission has concluded that the former Soviet Union was behind the 1981 assassination attempt on the late Pope John Paul II.

The head of the commission, Paolo Guzzanti, said it was sure beyond "reasonable doubt" that Soviet leaders ordered the shooting."

I think it was Hobsbawm who said that the sheer weight of unexplored archive material meant there would be an explosion of revelations about the Soviet Union for years to come.

From an outsider's perspective, liberation theology never seemed very impressive in the first place and this sort of thing tends to highlight the reasons why it failed: spend your whole time trying to bend your religion to people who support the Soviet model and then they go and try to have your pastor whacked. Possibly being unfair but isn't it the case that she who marries the Spirit of this age will become its widow in the next?

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