Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Faith schools 'are not divisive'

So says Bish:
"Claims that faith schools are cherry-picking the brightest and most wealthy pupils are to be rejected by the Archbishop of Canterbury."
He's feeling defensive because research appears to show that's precisely what they've been doing:
"A study from the Institute for Research in Integrated Strategies found schools in the voluntary-aided sector had fewer poorer children than was expected after judging their area's social make-up."
I'm not quite getting this "faith schools are not divisive" argument: if a school selects according to religious faith, it is divisive on those grounds; it divides those who believe from those who do not, no?

And it seems, as well as re-inforcing segregation on religious grounds, they are divisive on class lines as well - what with the poor being mysteriously under-represented amongst the Elect. Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven but if they want a school place in a C of E school, they can whistle.

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