Monday, August 29, 2005

Tales from the trenches

This one that a fellow classroom practitioner told me at the weekend cheered me up no end. My friend - let's call him comrade Ralph - a teacher of some experience, was assaulted by a pupil in a Glasgow school that, in the interests of employability, shall remain nameless. The Head of this citadel of learning - let's call him Over-paid waste of space - excluded the child for a pathetic one and a half days!
Comrade Ralph: I'm not at all happy with the way this situation has been dealt with; I was assaulted, after all.

Over-paid waste of space: Well, that's too bad - that's the decision I've made.

(Later the next day)

Comrade Ralph: Thought I should let you know I've phoned the police; that's the decision I've made...
Police duly arrive at the school and the offender is charged with assault.

How cool is that?

Some people are fighting back. We need more of that kind of spirit - a lot more...

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