Thursday, December 22, 2005

Comfort and Joy

Karen Armstrong really needs to lighten up:
"We could also say that the nativity is a myth. That does not mean that it is not true. A myth can be defined as something that, in some sense, happened once, but that also happens all the time. Myth reveals the underlying and timeless significance of an event. It is also a programme for action. The gospels are not accurate biographies of Jesus; like any religious text, they tell the reader how to behave. Unless a myth is put into practice, we do not grasp its full import."
She then goes on about how 'ironic' the commercialisation of Christmas is because it's all about self-sacrifice blah de blah. Yes, well, like Karen, I've read the book, been to the lectures, got the T-shirt. I like her take on the visit from the Three Kings:
"Throughout his gospel, Matthew argues that Jesus came not only for the Jewish people but also for the Gentiles. He therefore makes the three wise men from the east the first people to recognise and pay homage to him."
Yep, and using the power of New Testament exegesis can I bring you an important detail Ms Armstrong omitted? The baby Jesus got pressies!!!!! Yea! I'm taking Ms Armstrong's advice - I intend to "grasp the import of the myth" by making this aspect of the myth real, man.

It can be a difficult time of year - it often magnifies trouble and strife in families and for not a few, it's the loneliest time of year. Remember them but let us also remember it is our duty to celebrate, enjoy and indulge where we can. Because whether religious or secular, all the puritans: don't they just hate that?

Have a good one...

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