Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ID card scheme in doubt after omission from terror report

From the Scotsman:
"IDENTITY cards have not been included in the government's definitive account of Britain's counter-terrorism strategy, fuelling speculation that Tony Blair's controversial scheme is in serious trouble."
Excellent, excellent. I assume this is related to the leak that alleged even the scaled-down version the government was planning might not be "even remotely feasible".

That ID cards could prove to be an expensive yet unworkable project is a good reason to oppose them.

But a less expensive yet feasible scheme should be opposed more vigorously because that would represent a greater threat to liberty, if not to the public purse.

If politicians want us to respect their privacy, they might have a go at respecting ours. As a first step towards this more liberal state of affairs they could take their ID cards and shove them. From here the possibilities are endless. Have five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day, half an hour of healthy exercise, don't smoke and restrict yourself to 28 units of alcohol per week? I've got a better idea. HM Government - why don't you fuck off and mind your own business?

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