Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Britain Day #1

I'll look forward to the proposals for a 'national Britain day' that are to be published in a Fabian pamphlet, according to the Guardian:
"Volunteering will be at the heart of a "citizenship revolution", the communities secretary, Ruth Kelly, said today as she fleshed out plans to introduce a national British day.

Ms Kelly said the move would reinforce citizenship and bring communities together by creating a "local focus" on people's contribution to society."
A number of possible dates have been suggested. In the lead so far is the signing of the Magna Carta, according to some silly opinion poll.

One would have thought that a rather obvious problem with this is that the Magna Carta is English and was signed before Britain actually existed. This thought occurred to me so you can imagine the fuss the SNP would make about it. Or indeed about the concept of a Britain day at all.

My problem's a little different: it is that the whole idea doesn't sound very, well, British to me.

But if they're determined to proceed with this, I'd like to suggest Wednesday. Every Wednesday, that is. Starting tomorrow. Wednesday strikes me as being about as British as any other day - and I could do with a day off. Thanks.

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