Thursday, June 12, 2008


On the 42 detention vote:
"No 10 said Brown had shown himself in tune with the country and demonstrated true political courage by standing firm on an issue of national security, even if it endangered his premiership."
The governing party moves to the right of the Conservatives to win the vote for one of the most authoritarian pieces of legislation in living memory with help from rightwing MPs from outwith the party. Then it goes on to describe this disgraceful state of affairs as a 'victory' and one that had something to do with 'courage'. Audacity is the word I'd prefer. From the place where liberty means saying stuff:
"Brown has won the key vote to extend detention without charge to 42 days. There’s still the battle in the Lords to face, but it seems reports of his political death have been exaggerated."
No they haven't. His political death is already a fact. What's left are commentators, observers and actors who are divided between those who can smell this and those who cannot.

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