Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Three random notes

Jonathan Freedland joins the swelling ranks of those who think Obama's running for the job of President of the world:
"Of course I know that even to mention Obama's support around the world is to hurt him. Incredibly, that large Berlin crowd damaged Obama at home, branding him the "candidate of Europe" and making him seem less of a patriotic American. But what does that say about today's America, that the world's esteem is now unwanted? If Americans reject Obama, they will be sending the clearest possible message to the rest of us - and, make no mistake, we shall hear it."
I appreciate this probably puts me in a minority but I don't get this at all. Americans are supposed to vote for someone because he's popular with Germans? I'm rather dubious about Mr Freedland's claim to know the mind of the 'rest of the world' and how they would respond in the event of a McCain victory. He may be right but personally I'd have thought the 'rest of the world' would be unwise to assume that the presidential election in a country they don't live in was somehow all about them.

Here the Scotsman lists the views of twenty-five people who think Alex Salmond should drop his plans for replacing the council tax with a local income tax. I regret to say only two have mentioned what is for me the most obvious fault with it - this being that what is proposed isn't a local income tax at all.

North Korea was 60 yesterday. Anyone else come across this rumour that Kim Jog Il may be gravely ill or even dead?

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