Thursday, August 02, 2007

Light posting

As you'll have noticed. Sorry about this - bit pre-occupied with various things. Haven't even had time to do a meme thing that Mr Rodent passed on to me some time ago where I was to divulge ten facts that you didn't know about me - and not just because I doubt anyone would find them remotely interesting.

Here's one, though, that might serve as a partial explanation for the lack of activity here: it occurred to me that I've spent my entire adult life living in tenements - and I've been flooded in every goddam one I've ever lived in. When this place is fixed up, I'm getting a fucking bungalow, I tell you.

Did manage a scrawl about Hari's latest call to the baptismal waters over at DSTPFW, onwhere I'll probably post anything else I manage to write for the next wee while.

Update: See this on secular self-criticism and its religious precedents.

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