Thursday, August 16, 2007

Scottish Labour to be 'Wendied'

Being 'Wendied' is the term used to describe receiving a verbal doing from Jack McConnell's likely successor Wendy Alexander, according to the Scotsman.

Her likely elevation has received mixed reviews. Unexpectedly, Mr Eugenides is wildly - indecently, you could even say - excited by this prospect, the rush of blood pushing him to lyrical heights seldom seen in the blogosphere:
"One sight of that diminutive figure is enough to send me into raptures of delight that I blush to describe on a family blog such as this. How shall I count the ways? Eyes, wide and bright like saucers of champagne, yet also dark and passionate as goblets of ruby Buckfast. A neck, slender and playful like a faun’s, framed by hair delicate yet supple, like silken ropes of song..."
Read on, if you think you can stand before such burnished prose: the thin veneer of irony used here can't conceal true love, methinks.

The leader of the People's Front of Judea, on the other hand, finds Ms Alexander somewhat less lovely:
"One critical response to her likely elevation came from Tommy Sheridan, the Solidarity leader. He said Ms Alexander would be "disastrous" for Labour, adding: "Socialists who are left in the Labour Party must be in despair that they can't even find a left candidate to stand.""
Mr Sheridan's authority on the subject of leaders being disastrous for political parties is without rival, I think you'll agree.

I have no strong opinions myself, only a question: will she be able to give wee Eck the verbal doing he so richly deserves?

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