Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ok, so you don't like the World Cup...

Can't say I'm wildly enthused myself - but really:
"Of course, not everyone who displays an England flag is a fascist, but a few of the flags in circulation will undoubtedly be re-used at the upcoming EDL rally in East London, which plans to process through the same streets where Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts marched in 1936."
English football fans are not necessarily fascists. A generous concession, I think you'll agree. Do read the whole thing. It's way worse than Hitchens' tiresome "I don't like Christmas" columns - yet strangely compelling at the same time....
"The tacky, tribalistic, red-and-white bandage of cheesy national sentiment is already stifling the healing power of political expediency, and as the people gear up to root for EnglandTM, the left's best chance to re-organise and re-energise is deflating like a ruptured football, smashed against a wall by idiot children."
Fucking. Mental.

H/T: Jamie K

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