Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Local News

Mr Eugenides informs me that Boris Johnston MP is a candidate for rector of Edinburgh University, along with award-winning journalist John Pilger, former Scottish Arts Council chairman Magnus Linklater and Green MSP Mark Ballard. Apparently some dullard pseudo-radicals want to make the election an anti-war issue. Students really are a bunch of tossers, aren't they? For anyone who like me is puritanical enough to regret the historical tendency of Scottish universities to elect complete and utter fuckwitted cartoon characters as their rectors, I'd go for Magnus Linklater. I don't know who 'Green MSP Mark Ballard' is but he's probably worthy - and extremely dull.

Our Scotland Forum is the latest (to me, anyway) incarnation of Scot nats in cyberspace. A political forum hosted by a Scottish nationalist republican socialist, it's in a message-board format that I have to confess I can't quite navigate. Looks interesting though, for anyone interested in Scottish politics.

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