Wednesday, January 18, 2006

People losing their damn minds #5

There's a bit in the Scotsman about Fathers 4 Justice. Seems Leo Blair was the target of a kidnap plot by extremist elements in the group:
"LEO Blair, the youngest son of the Prime Minister, was the target of a kidnap plot by elements on the extreme fringe of the campaign group Fathers 4 Justice, according to reports last night.

A plan to take the Blairs' five-year-old son as part of a publicity stunt was uncovered by police investigating the activities of men linked to the fathers' action group, a newspaper reported."
Seems it was planned by the same idiots who dress in super-hero costumes and scale buildings and other stupid stunts in order to gain publicity. Problem is, as the boys from Respect could now tell them, that more publicity isn't necessarily a good thing if all it achieves is to illustrate the fact that your representatives have done gone and lost their damn minds.

Demonstrate your concern about uniting families and the welfare of children by planning to take a five-year old boys away from his parents! A five-year old boy! Did these lunatics have a mind to lose in the first place I wonder? Idiots.

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