Thursday, January 12, 2006

People losing their damn minds #3

Who else? George Galloway of course. Maybe before people knew what it was about, one could plead ignorance but now there's no excuse: you go on Big Brother because you've taken leave of your senses. I thought Germaine Greer had lost her mind when she went on it - how much more Georgy-boy. "I did it for Palestine..." No you didn't! You did it because your unquenchable thirst for publicity has made you lose your damn mind.

And now he's saying, apparently, that Saddam wasn't hated by his people. Dammit all - doesn't this man own a telly, at least? Nearly the whole country danced with joy when he was captured - whether they supported the invasion or not. He's now no longer merely wrong - he's out of his tree, gone to lunch, discarded the sandwiches one needs for the full picnic.

And who else? His groupies trying to justify this madness. Hell, people who justify BB under normal circumstances are fairly mad, in my view; you get some post-modernist arts critic on the goddamn TV trying to spin some garbage about it being 'democratic' or some other such nonsense. But to try it now with some bullshit psuedo-proletarian rationalisation backed up with quotes from Lenin? World's going crazy.

And maybe the rest of us who talk about him as if he matters. As I write this, I'm reflecting on the minutes I've spent writing the odd thing about GG on this blog; these are minutes I won't get back and life's too short. I'm done with this lunatic, I hereby pledge never to write another word on the indefatigable one ever again. Man's obviously done gone lost his damn mind.

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