Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Maddy's mood music

Our Madds, from comment is free:
"It's a rare moment when the BBC Ten O'Clock News has me punching the air with delight..."
Rare for her, whereas for me this has never happened. I might 'punch the air' with schadenfreude, but that's another story. Anyway, what delighted Maddy was Cameron's recent blether about finding the right life/work balance. She suggests, not implausibly, that this is why support for the Tories is rising amongst female voters.

Accepting that the young pretenders warm words are just that, she nevertheless welcomes them because at least it puts the issue on the agenda. I'm slightly horrified because I find myself agreeing with her. Chris Dillow points out that Cameron's speech raised issues that go too deep for a Conservative government to even consider addressing but still, even as mood music it beats Gordon Brown's gloomy presbyterian numbers hands down.

My problem - in addition to being genetically lazy - is that I did my honours dissertation on Weber's Protestant Ethic thesis. This had the effect of completely purging even the faint residue of any such ethic from my inner-being. As long as the life/work balance involves any of the latter at all, the universe is out of kilter as far as I'm concerned.

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