Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Shifting work patterns

New school ok, although traveling very evil. You need to drive, which I hate. But there's no alternative. If you disagree, that's probably because you live in London and have neither children nor imagination. Public transport in this case involves taking two buses, two trains and then a short trek on horseback to get to one's locale - and I'm not even leaving the goddam city.

Anyway, you may have noticed the Sharpner has a new look and some new writers. They have kindly, although perhaps unwisely, invited me to contribute. They have much higher standards of editorial propriety than I do - not difficult as I don't really have any at all - so if and when I manage to produce anything that is even remotely thoughtful or considered, I'll be posting over there. The brief, personal, offensive and downright silly will remain here - along with the more partisan stuff.

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