Friday, October 20, 2006

Breaking point

Johann Hari, by his own admission, pelts the mentally-ill with fruit. Not as a matter of routine, you understand - this is just one isolated incident.

Being of a liberal disposition, he's all conflicted and guilty about it, of course. But good for him, I say. What is the point of buying fruit at all, if not to lob at some maniac shrieking outside your window?

It's about 'Noise Rage', y'see. Car alarms, for example. Who hears one of them going off and thinks, "A crime is in progress! I must alert the authorities!"? You think, "Fuck - someone must have sneezed next to that BMW."

A militant wing of the Noise Abatement Society is what is needed:
"One friend admitted that he recently responded to a car alarm that kept him awake for three hours in the night by smashing in the headlights on his way to work."
Outstanding! More of that sort of thing.

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