Sunday, October 08, 2006

Street Games

Nick Cohen has an item in his Observer slot today about class in sport.

In a nutshell, while upper-class weans are more likely to play rugger, those from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to get their exercise being chased by the opposing Real Fleeto from the next estate, if the conversations you overhear in class are anything to go by.

Street Games is a charity that seeks to help more disadvantaged kids into sports in timing for the Olympics.

I'm a stranger to sport myself and don't really care about the Olympics but lend your support, should you feel so inclined. Teachers, think how much more docile your classes would be if a larger proportion were perpetually exhausted from chasing a ball around in a field or something.

[That's the best I can do, Will. I mean, all this business of getting underprivileged kids to play sport; that's how Celtic FC started. It's a slippery slope.]

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