Thursday, November 02, 2006

For Kate Moss

Francisco Santos, Columbia's vice-president, is none too impressed with Kate Moss:
"To me it's baffling, that somebody who helps cause so much pain in Colombia is doing better than ever and winning more contracts than ever."
While anti-drugs arguments that focus on the harm done to the victims of the criminal organisations that produce and traffick the stuff are better than those that concentrate on the harm to consumers, the singling out of Kate Moss seems a little unfair. My reasons for defending her are four-fold:

1) While Kate Moss is hardly a typical employee, in general the growing trend for employers to regulate what their workers do in their spare time is most unwelcome.

2) We're never done reading or hearing about some vacuous celeb and their tedious 'revelations' about their "cocaine hell". Seems a little unfair to focus on Kate Moss just because she has a junkie boyfriend and was careless enough to be photographed snorting the stuff. She's being treated as a symbol, not as an end in herself - which is unjust.

3) The crime and violence associated with the production and distribution of this product will remain for as long as a) it continues to be illegal and b) the market for the product exists. The behaviour of Kate Moss will make no impact on this whatsoever.

4) I appreciate the other view but I'm hoping she reads this, ditches doofus-features and decides to pop up to Glasgow to thank me personally.*

*Only joking, J. x

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