Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An argument for atheism

If Jerry Falwell's going to heaven, not sure I'd feel comfortable there.

Update: Jus' occured to me that younger readers might not know who Falwell was. To put you in the picture, he was a rabid mysogynistic, homophobic, religious bigot who was responsible as anyone for the politicization of the abortion issue in the US.

He also essentially shared the analysis of 9/11 with various other religious fanatics as he blamed America's tolerance of homosexuality or something for the attacks.

Also, like most TV evangelists, his Biblical literalism was conveniently selective, preferrring to believe that God had blessed him and his odious ilk with material blessings like a Hebrew patriarch; ignoring Jesus' injunction to give to the poor. There's a good article in CiF here.

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