Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kaletsky on grammars

From the Times:
"It is true that selection at 11 was wrong, but not because selection was in itself evil. The big mistake was to make almost irreversible judgments about academic potential at the wrong age – 11 was simply too young, especially for boys. It is also true, on the other hand, that comprehensive education in Britain has been a failure. But this is not because we have segregated a small talented minority at the top. It is because we have refused to segregate an even smaller disruptive minority at the bottom."
What to do about this minority, he argues, is the challenge that dare not speak its name in a politically-correct age. Didn't agree with all of the piece but this is an article about education that makes a great deal of sense and is worth reading in full: a rare thing indeed in journo-land.

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