Wednesday, May 02, 2007

People losing their damn minds #20

George Galloway - again:
Galloway: "Anybody who believes there's a day of judgement; anybody believes that they must face their Maker one day to account for what they did and didn't do - and I'm one of those believers - I say to you this: there's no-one (who) can face their Maker and explain satisfactorily what they were doing when all this crime was being committed (if?) they were going to the ballot box and putting an X beside the name of New Labour...."
Don't take my word for it - see it below:

Now - while a number would issue the damn mind losing certificate to anyone who believes in a Final Reckoning, or who generally invokes God in a political context, this isn't my take. Rather it is the very idea that Mr George Galloway is in someway party to this judgment - that he knows the mind of God - that strikes me as being rather offensive. Indeed, if I were of a religious disposition, I think I'd find something vaguely blasphemous about this vainglorious tirade.

As it is, I just think he's went done gone lost his goddam mind.

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