Thursday, May 10, 2007

Teachers in 'web bullying' call

From the beeb:
"Scottish teachers have called for action to be taken to stop pupils "cyber bullying" of school staff.

Some websites encourage pupils to submit anonymous "reviews" of their teachers' performance. The Scottish Secondary Teachers Association said the sites often hosted insulting comments that were left in an attempt to humiliate staff."
Hmmm, if you read the rest of the article, some of this clearly isn't good. On the other hand, I reckon some of my colleagues are being a little sensitive and stretching the meaning of bullying somewhat.

If you check out, I think you'll agree most of it is pretty tame. (Ok, course I've checked; I'm not on it.) Some of the saddos in my last place used to check it weekly and I even heard of one who used to loggin himself and leave positive comments about this own teaching skills.

Sad indeed - the pathetic consequence of a trait that any teacher worth their salt will tell you is a fatal weakness: coming to your work and wanting to be liked. Imagine having such a degrading ambition - and then discovering you've failed to achieve it.

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