Thursday, May 03, 2007

Teaching happiness

From the Torygraph:
"All schoolchildren should have "happiness" lessons up to the age of 18 to combat growing levels of depression, according to a senior Government adviser.

Pupils should study subjects such as how to manage feelings, attitudes to work and money, channelling negative emotions and even how to take a critical view of the media, said Lord Richard Layard, a Labour peer and professor of economics at the London School of Economics."
I suppose you have to be a professor at the LSE to come up with such a perfectly stupid idea. Can you think of anything more anti-educational, completely pointless and illiberal as compulsory lessons on how to be happy?

You won't catch me taking any goddam 'happiness classes'. If they're doing grumpy classes, on the other hand, I think I'd be prepared to give those a whirl. Now say after me class, "What the fuck are you doing to yourself?"

Via: Martin

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