Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gordon Brown for Britain

Is the title of a fairly scary site devoted to the election celebration of Brown's coronation.

It has a section called 'team blog' - except the only member of the team so far appears to be Oona King. You'll need a strong stomach for some of her entries:
"I was on a train with Gordon between Manchester and London when the momentous news that he had been nominated as Leader of the Labour Party came through. This was what we’d been waiting for. "We should celebrate," I said, "how about a drink?" Gordon ordered a bottle of water. He absolutely refuses to take anything for granted. "Well I’ll have a glass of red wine," I said. "I know we shouldn't be complacent, but I can't help being a tiny bit complacent now you're the only candidate."

So why isn't Gordon complacent? It's because he understands the challenge ahead. He knows that by giving him this overwhelming level of support, the Parliamentary Labour Party also gives him an overwhelming responsibility: to deliver progressive politics for a generation to come. This is a hugely important battle to be fought and won. If you believe it is a prize worth fighting for, I urge you – as Gordon urged you on Thursday – to join a renewed Labour Party.

I suppose we could blame Gordon for being in a league of his own, but I’d rather blame him for the demise of the Tory Party..."
Given the effort she's clearly devoted to it, Ms King could justly feel aggrieved if her sycophancy isn't rewarded with some kind of job or at least a parachute into a safe seat. But if she gets anything that has to do with education, I'm worried future generations of children will be reading about how Comrade Brown invented the helicopter and discovered penicillin.

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