Friday, May 18, 2007

Political rhetoric annoyances #2

Another - new one, I think - is the current fashion for politicians to announce their humility. Gordon Brown declared himself to be 'humbled' at the scale of support he got from Labour MPs when he's spent the last two or three years at the very least grumping around because he has felt deprived of a job that he assumes is his right.

This can only mean he's being taking the support of the PLP for granted. This doesn't strike me as being particularly humble.

Neither does wanting to be Prime Minister, come to that.

Candidates for Deputy Leader are also coming over all humble - like Hilary Benn, for example:
""Let us set out the practical steps we can take together to make Britain a better, fairer country.

"No politician can create this society alone, as real leadership means having the humility to listen as well as the courage to act."
Listening again. He also said:
""Let the debate begin. Let us discuss ideas. Let us talk straightforwardly about the future we want."
Ooh, ooh - can I go? I'd like a future where you lot talk less shite, please.

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